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Primecom 16 Amp Level 2 EV Charger 220 Volt 30' 40', 50' Feet Lengths

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Charge Your EV Faster with Primecom Level-2 Charger

Are you tired of waiting hours to charge your electric vehicle (EV)? Upgrade your charging experience with the Primecom Level-2  220 Volt  EV Charger! Designed to deliver maximum power and efficiency, this charger offers lightning-fast charging for your EV. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to a quicker, more convenient way to power up your electric car.

    Primecom 16 Amp EV Charger

    Introducing the Primcom level 2 high-speed EV Charger – up to 16 Amps (3.8kw/hour), providing 15 miles of range per hour. Adjustable amperage with the tap of a button, universal compatibility for all EV and PHEV vehicles, designed for indoor and outdoor usage. 1-year warranty parts and labor warranty. With over 10 different plug options and up to 50 foot cord lengths, level 2 charging is simplified!

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    Lightning-Fast Charging: The Primecom Level-2 220 Volt EV Charger delivers rapid charging, reducing waiting times and ensuring your electric vehicle is ready to go when you are.

    Maximum Power and Efficiency: Designed for optimal power and efficiency, this charger provides a quick and convenient solution to the traditional hassle of extended charging sessions.

    Freedom from Long Waits: Bid farewell to the frustration of waiting hours to charge your EV. With Primecom, experience a seamless and efficient charging process.

    Convenient and Quick: Upgrade your charging experience to a quicker, more convenient solution. Power up your electric car without the delays associated with traditional charging methods.

    220 Volt Power: Benefit from the high voltage capacity of the Level-2 Charger, ensuring your electric vehicle charges at a lightning-fast pace.
    End the Charging Woes: Say goodbye to the sluggish pace of traditional charging. The Primecom Level-2 Charger is your ticket to a hassle-free and swift charging routine.

    Ready for the Road: With its lightning-fast charging capabilities, this charger ensures your electric vehicle is always ready for your next adventure, providing confidence and peace of mind.

    Swift and Hassle-Free: Transform your charging routine into a quick and efficient process, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming journeys.

    Future-Ready Technology: Step into the future of EV charging with Primecom. This Level-2 Charger reflects a commitment to providing a faster, more efficient, and convenient charging solution for electric vehicles.

    A Commitment to Efficiency: More than just a device, the Primecom Level-2 Charger represents a commitment to aligning the pace of your life with a charging solution that keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

    Save on Installation Costs By Using Your Existing 220V Outlet

    Primecom Level 2 EV chargers redefine convenience and cost-effectiveness with over 10 different outlet plug options. They are designed to effortlessly connect to your existing 220V outlets, originally designated for a dryer, welder, or other household appliances, eliminating the need for expensive electrical modifications.

    Plug and Play Convenience:
    • No hassle, no fuss – our chargers seamlessly utilize your current outlets without the headache of rewiring, its as easy as easy as plugging in a cable.
    10 Different Outlet Plug Options:
    • With 10 different outlet plugs, our chargers offer universal compatibility with various 220V outlets found in homes.

    Longer Cord Lengths

    Primecom EV chargers stand out as the only ones on the market offering cord lengths of 30, 40, and 50 feet. This unparalleled flexibility allows you to conveniently charge your vehicle, even if your existing 220V outlet is a bit farther away. The longer cords empower you to make the most of your current setup without constraints, ensuring a seamless charging experience tailored to your specific needs.


    LED Display Screen

    Monitor your EV charging process with ease using the advanced LED display screen on our Primecom Level 2 EV chargers. Providing real-time information on current charging specifications, this intuitive interface keeps you in the know about charging status, power levels, and more. Stay informed and in control, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience every time.

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