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Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector, Tesla Home Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

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Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

Practicality Redefined

Introducing the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector—the epitome of practicality in home charging solutions. Ideal for homes, apartments, lodging facilities, and offices, this innovative charger offers multiple power options, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience for your Tesla.

Rapid Charging, Anytime, Anywhere

With up to 71 km of range added each hour of charging, the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector empowers you to charge at home whenever it suits you. Its 11KW power, coupled with 48 Amp charging via a 208-220-240V dual-phase AC input, ensures that your Tesla is ready for your next journey in no time. Enjoy the convenience of home charging without compromising on speed or efficiency.

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Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

Tailored for Every Household

Designed to fit seamlessly into every household, the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is your ticket to overnight charging convenience. Its lightweight design, coupled with customizable power levels, enables diverse indoor and outdoor use. Whether you're charging in a garage, on a driveway, or in a shared parking space, this charger adapts to your unique charging needs.

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

Versatility in Design and Mounting

Experience the freedom of diverse mounting possibilities with the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector. Its adaptable design accommodates a variety of electrical systems, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup. This versatility extends to both indoor and outdoor use, making it the perfect charging solution for any environment.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Options: Up to 11KW with 48 Amp charging
  • Charging Speed: Up to 71 km of range added each hour
  • AC Input: 208-220-240V dual-phase
Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

Charge with Confidence

Upgrade to the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector and charge with confidence. Its user-friendly features, rapid charging capabilities, and adaptability to different settings make it the go-to choice for every Tesla owner. Make your home the ultimate charging hub—efficient, convenient, and ready for your next adventure.

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