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Reduce gas emissions and save the environment; the only way you can do it is by buying an electric vehicle. Not only this, but it is also followed by getting an AMP EV Charger

You can benefit from the high-quality and fast charging by buying an electric charger from PrimecomTech. A 30 amp Level 2 charger delivers up to 7.2 kW of power through a 25 foot long weather resistant cable. It can charge your car five times faster than the standard Level 1 charger. So you get back on the road faster. Our charger is compatible with almost all types of electric vehicle models.

1. Level 2 EV charger delivers up to 7.2kW and is compatible with all-electric vehicles

2. Meets all standards of charging stations

3. Incorporated lights for power, faults, and charging status

4. Cable design prevents the cord from cracking or freezing in harsh weather

5. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is weather-resistant

6. Integrated switch of On/Off to minimize standby power

Moreover, to make sure it provides reliable charging, this Level 2 charger poses features that restart the charging process if there occurs a minor fault. This, in turn, reduces the risk of undercharged battery. In addition, the integrated ON/Off switch also saves the energy that gets wasted on standby or when there is no power consumption. The charging station also includes indicator lights that alert you regarding its power status, charging status and any faults. 

How to Install a amp ev charger's Charging Station?

If you want to install your charging station properly, you need the assistance of a qualified electrician. PrimecomTech possesses a team of installers who are certified and experienced.

The charging station usually gets mounted onto your wall, which is done by drilling holes. Next, the mounting bracket is secured with screws and bolts. In the end, the charging station is placed onto the mounting bracket and secure further with the bolts.

Benefits of Installing a amp ev charger's station In Home

There are ample benefits of installing a charging station at home. However, we are listing the two important reasons for installing one.

Add convenience to everyday life

Convenience is an important factor associated with using an electric car. This implies that those who possess electric cars do not have to go to a filling station to fill up on gas. So, with a Level 2 charger, you can leave your car plugged-in for a larger part of the day or can use a charging station.

Provides cost-effective charging

Another competitive edge that electric cars have over fuelled ones is that they don’t make a hole in your pocket when it comes to operating costs. If you don’t possess your own charging station, it can become expensive. After all, you get to pay at a charging station and see your electricity costs reach the sky because you have a poorly optimized charging and socket in your garage. However, when you have a good charging station designed using advanced software, you charge your car in an optimal way and also save money.

Install Your Charging Station Today!

So, if you own an electric vehicle and have it plugin every day in a socket that is not fully optimized for charging electric cars, then now is the time that you start thinking about getting a charging station installed. It is going to be the wisest decision in case of both electricity bills and safety. So, get in touch with us at PrimecomTech, and we let you know more about the cost-effective solution we are offering to our valuable customers.

For more information, you can call us at +1 408 598 3300 or send us an email at 

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