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Primecom EV Charger Charging Extension Cord 20 Feet

Original price $229.00 - Original price $259.00
Original price $259.00
$229.00 - $259.00
Current price $259.00

Ev charging cable extension Cord 20 Feet

Don't let distance limit you!

Take control of your charge by adding 20 Extra feet to your charging cable.

Already spent hundreds on an EV charger and it isn't long enough? No problem, with our extension cable you can get the length you need!

This is ideal for those who want to place their car charger in a more convenient place and not have to worry about moving it around all day long. The extra length of this cable allows for easier access and keeps it in one place for longer periods of time without having to worry about moving it back and forth constantly throughout the day which makes this product perfect for those who drive long distances or travel often as well as anyone who wants to avoid having to deal with tangled cords while they're driving around town doing errands or running errands on their own time!

This cable has 32Amp and 40Amp options. 


- Supports all amperage up to 32


- Supports all amperages up to 40


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