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220-Volt Power Outlet Types

Our interchangeable power plug design allows you to use the same EV charger at more than one location so that you do not need to purchase separate EV charger for every location you may have in the future. Another way of describing this is, if you need to charge your EV at more than one location: home / office / relative's house or in a road trip; like motor park or if you move to another place in the future, our charger is designed so that; instead of buying another whole new charger, you can just change the end adapter (and pigtail part) among above options. If you need additional pigtail adapters for future convenience, you can purchase additional pigtail adapters by clicking here.

110-Volt Power Outlet Type

Regular household 110-Volt NEMA 5-15 Plug is the slowest EV charging option. This plug type gives you the lowest charging speed because of its voltage and amperage ratings.

Watch the video to learn more about power outlet types.

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