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Level 2 DC EV Home Supercharger - Supercharger for Home or Office 208/240Volt AC input

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DC EV Supercharger for Home or Office 208/240Volt AC input - Up to 100 miles of Range Per Hour Charging for All EV's

This DC Supercharger is designed to work with homes and businesses that do not have a level 3 power source. Allowing supercharging at almost all locations without completely upgrading the entire current electrical infrastructure.

Please note this product has a lead time of 3 weeks.

Please note this product requires freight shipping which is NOT INCLUDED in the price of this product and will be coordinated after purchase with the buyer. Buyer is responsible for shipping from Costa Mesa, California. 

Up to 100 miles of Range Per Hour Charging for All EV's

Ever wished your electric vehicle could charge as quickly at home as it does at those high-speed public stations? Imagine plugging in your EV and getting enough charge for 100 miles in just an hour, all while you sip your morning coffee or finish up a work email. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it's not a dream anymore – meet the Primecom DC EV Supercharger


  • Ultra-Fast Charging
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Home and Office Use
  • Easy Installation
  • Robust Design
  • Safety Certified
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2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

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DC EV Charger

Universal Compatibility

The Primecom DC Supercharger is a universal solution, compatible with all electric vehicles. Whether you drive a Chevy Bolt or any other EV, this charger is designed to meet your vehicle’s fast charging needs, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time driving.

Home Supercharging Revolutionized

Gone are the days when supercharging was a luxury found only at commercial stations. The Primecom Supercharger brings this powerful capability to your home or office, allowing you to enjoy supercharging at your home or office without modifying your existing electrical infrastructure.

Efficiency Meets Convenience

This supercharger is not just about speed; it's about compatibility and being able to charge at the EV Chargers maximum power level for all EV's not being limited by the vehicles level 2 charging speeds. With the ability to charge a Chevy Bolt from 7.7kW to an astonishing 28kW, your vehicle can achieve up to 103 miles of range per hour, compared to 25 miles of range per hour without a DC Charger.



Power Options: 21kW - 28kW 

  • 4G / WIFI / LAN Port
  • Payment Terminal (Optional)
  • RFID / NFC 
  • OCPP1.6J / Smartphone App
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • CCS1 Charging Connector (Other Connectors available)

Why Choose Primecom.Tech?

Choosing the Primecom DC EV Supercharger means opting for unparalleled charging speed, universal compatibility, and the convenience of home supercharging. It represents a significant upgrade over standard Level 2 chargers, ensuring your EV is always ready for the road ahead.

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