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Is your charger compatible with my car?

Our Chargers are compatible with all Electric Vehicles, such as Tesla, Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen Fiat, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Renault, Smart electrical vehicles. If you are worried or have any questions, get in touch with our team and see how we can help you.

What if my car is Hybrid (PHEV), not EV?

Our chargers can be used in Hybrid cars as well.

How Primecom chargers are different than other chargers?

According to our tests, our chargers are 3-7 times faster than industry averages. In addition, we support chargers with different cord lengths, and plug type options, which you can completely customize and adjust your charger to your electrical infrastructure.

What are the cord length options?

We supply chargers with 30'-40'-50' feet options.

What are the amperage options that you have?

We supply 10-16-20-24-32-40 Amp chargers.

What types of plugs are available with your chargers?

Our available plug types are: 10-30P, 10-50P, 14-30P, 14-50P, 6-20P, 6-30P, 6-50P, European, L14-30P, L6-30P. You can check these plug types on web or you can look at our product description pages and pictures to fully understand if it is compatible with your electrical infrastructure.

Is it safe to leave charger unit plugged in all the time even if not charging the vehicle

Yes, it is safe to leave it plugged in all the time.

I have seen other customers saying it takes just over 2 hours to fully charge their c-max. Mine takes over 4hrs. Is my charger defective?

If your one of the fuse is tripped on the fuse box your charger will go in to level1 mode which will take 4 hours to charge . Please call us at 610-905-2510 to help you over the phone and try to solve the issue.

250v, 30 amps will this damage this product? How far into the cable is the status control?

No it will not damages: Actually this charger is rated up to 260 volts with an auto range of 100 volts. (100 volts to 260volt auto adjustment) Also Amperage is automatic as well; as it is requested from car’s computer it adjusts automatically from 4 amps to 16 amps , and connecting to a 30amp outlet is fine (minimum of 20 amps is required, so an outlet from 20 to 30amp rating is perfect)

I'm looking at the 40ft. L14-30P model. Can you tell me how long each of the cords are?

The 40Ft charger has 37feet from the car plug (J1772) to the charger box, and from the charger box to the wall outlet (L14-30) is 3Ft so total 40ft end to end. We also have a 50ft version which is 48+3ft. If there is a car parked on the driveway it might be useful to have extra-long to be sorry later on, (FYI: some customers later on request for an upgrade after their initial purchase)

How long are the cables on either end of the box?

38 Footlong (end to end) Charger has about 17' cord from Charger box to car connector (J1772) and 21' cord from Charger to the Wall outlet. Thanks But if needed we can supply different lengths as desired; since we have the manufacturing capability of different lengths all the way up to 50 feet

Why is the warrant 1 year vs 3 years with other vendors?

The important thing is the company establishment history we have been in business since 2004; chances are we will be in many years to come. We stand behind our products even after warranty we take care of our customer. What good is a product warranty if the company shuts down after few months or it is a overnight establishment disappears

Can you confirm tuv safety certification? (don't see it on the back plate / can't find primecom on tuvsud website) 

Is it OK adapting a 6-20 plug to a 14-50 receptacle for 240 volt charging

Is there a difference with a Nema 14-50P and Nema 14-50R for a level 2 charger?

No they are fundamentally same. P stand for Plug (male connector) R stands for Receptacle (female connector)

What should you do when led shows abnormal current fault

When you have "Ground-Fault-Error" message it means; either Ground or Neutral connection is missing or inadequate (ie: connected to water or gas pipe, instead of a real ground plate/rod or if you use Neural wiring (for 10-30), then it may not have good / connection from incoming Electric company's Neutral wire connection) . Thanks Please do not hesitate to call us for further support by calling us at 610-905-2510.

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