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CCS1 to Tesla Adapter, Max 250kW/300A/500V DC Fast Charging for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X

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⚡ Voltage: 500 ~ 1000V
🔋 Power: 250KW
💧 IP55 rated Waterproof

💨 Dustproof
🌡️ Temperature Control protection
⚡ Overcurrent protection
⏚⎶ Short-circuit protection

⚡Over/under voltage protection
 🔌Leakage protection
🌩️ Lightning protection

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection

  • IMPORTANT: For CCS-enabled Tesla cars only, please upgrade CCS enable before using this adapter. Please DON'T buy this adapter if your Tesla car is not CCS ENABLED.
  • How to confirm whether your vehicle supports CCS? ① Start Tesla car and open the “Control”; ② Click "Software"; ③ Click "Additional vehicle information"; ④ "CCS adapter support: Enabled". Any Tesla built prior to 2014 will be excluded from CCS。
  • SAFETY: The product complies with CE and FCC certifications. This product works stably between -22°F  to 122°F (-30℃ to 50℃), delivering enough current for your car. This product contains a dual temperature switch, the current will automatically reduce the charging current when the temperature reaches 179°F and cut off the current when the temperature is greater than 185°F until the ambient temperature returns to protect your car.
  • Small, compact, and portable: Ergonomic and thoughtful design make this CCS1 adapter compact and ultralight and easy to store in your car and carry anywhere.


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