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ev charger level 2

The electric vehicles market is flourishing, and so does the electric vehicle charging stations. PrimecomTech provides high-quality EV Charger Level 2 and specialized installation services, all at a fraction of the cost. So no matter what AMP of Level 2 charger you want, you are assured of finding it here.

Moreover, the charging stations are of two categories: residential and commercial. Residential ones are specially designed for single-family homes. Although the installation process is not complex, they give the amount of electricity that your car needs to recharge. You can find quality residential charging stations at PrimecomTech, and our experts can help you decide which type of charger is best for you.

Commercial stations have more advanced hardware and software. They are built for commercial areas like the mall, grocery stores, offices, and much more. At PrimecomTech, all of our commercial stations undergo rigorous laboratory testing to make sure that they adhere to all electrical codes and guidelines. Further, these stations also come fully equipped with smart software that allows the owner of the station to manage usage. With this, they can easily run sustainability reports, bill EV drivers, monitor electricity usage, and much more.

Which make EV charger level 2 Different ?

There are 3 different levels of charging and EV.

Level 1 Charger

This type of charger is a standard 110VAC outlet that is available in homes. It is a basic charger for an EV and can take longer to recharge the car fully. For example, a Level 1 charger will take on average 20 hours to fill an empty battery of Nissan Leaf. On the other hand, a Chevy Volt, which runs 40 miles on electricity and automatically switches to a small gas engine, takes 5-6 hours to recharge an empty battery.

Types of Level 2 Charger

Level 2 Charger (Residential)

This type of charger push energy at 240Volts and 30Amps. This makes it equal to a typical home washer or dryer. These are made for single-family home garages, where there is only one user. You can purchase a Level 2 charger at affordable prices from PrimecomTech.

Level 2 Charger (Commercial)

These stations have emerged as an industry standard for those vehicles that cannot be charged at home. They produce the same Volts and Amps as those of residential stations, i.e., 240V and 30Amps. These stations are smartly networked, which means that it is connected to the software. This makes it easy for the owner to manage their stations in running sustainability reports, percentage of drivers using the station, bill for users, and much more. It can fully recharge a Nissan Leaf in 5-6 hours and a Chevy Volt in 4 hours. This makes it an ideal fit in charging time and affordability.

Level 3 or DC Fast Charging

Level 3 chargers, also known as DC Fast Charging, can range between 200 to 600 VDC. It can recharge an EV in as little as 30 minutes. This makes it an ideal solution for charging electric cars on the go. 

Networked Chargers

Although network chargers are mostly used in single-family residences, these chargers are more common in commercial settings where regular payments are needed or in a place where multiple residents share the electricity bill. These chargers can be made for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike non-network chargers, these network Level 2 chargers can produce between 16 and 40 amps of power output. This implies that it can deliver 14 and 35 miles of electric range per hour of charging. You can even adjust its output level. 

Moreover, these chargers are best for those sites that can monitor electricity usage across multiple chargers. Also, if there are multiple drivers sharing a single charger and require payment of use of charger as well. There are some models of networked chargers that can limit the charging to certain hours, and this feature allows to maximize a time of use electricity rate structure and only permit charging when the electricity is the cheapest.

This type of control helps in increasing the probability of participating in utility demand response programs. However, these network chargers are more expensive than non-network chargers, but they have much more functionality and can provide more options for a workplace, MUD, or commercial site.

Buy From Us Now!

PrimecomTech philosophy is to provide high-quality products, affordable prices, meet all EV drivers' requirements, offer excellent after sales service, and maintain good relationships with customers.

We supply electric chargers for any model of electric car and any electrical infrastructure. So our professional sales team can help you in choosing the right charger for your electric vehicle.

For more information, you can call us at +1 408 598 3300 or send us an email at We assure to provide a prompt response. We are not happy until you are, and we are here to help you 24/7. Get in touch with us now.

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