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Primecom 50 Amp Level 2 Adjustable EV Charger

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Primecom 50 Amp Level 2 Adjustable EV Charger. Designed for the modern electric vehicle owner

  • 🔋 Manually adjustable amperage from 50 Amps down to 12 Amps
  • 📱 Longer cord options with intelligent chip for automatic amperage adjustment
  • ☔️ Waterproof and safe for outdoor use with IP56 rating
  • ⌚ Delay timer up to 15 hours for scheduling charging
  • 📟 Display screen shows real-time charging data and other informative values

Primecom 50 Amp Level 2 Adjustable EV Charger: A Revolution in Electric Vehicle Charging

Experience the pinnacle of convenience and efficiency with the Primecom 50 Amp Level 2 Adjustable EV Charger. Designed for the modern electric vehicle owner, this charger combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to provide a seamless charging experience. Whether at home or in the office, Primecom ensures your EV is charged and ready for any adventure.


  • Manually Adjustable Amperage: With the ability to manually adjust the amperage from 50 Amps down to 12 Amps, this charger caters to your vehicle’s specific needs, optimizing charging time and efficiency.
  • Intelligent Charging Technology: The built-in intelligent chip automatically adjusts the amperage, delivering a customized charging experience that maximizes efficiency and battery life.
  • Extended Cord Length: Offering longer cord options, the Primecom charger ensures convenient charging regardless of your parking situation, providing flexibility and ease of use.
  • Outdoor Durability: Certified with an IP56 rating, this charger is waterproof and crafted to withstand the elements, ensuring safe outdoor use in any weather condition.
  • Scheduled Charging: Featuring a delay timer of up to 15 hours, you can schedule your charging sessions to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates or to ensure your vehicle is charged and ready when you need it.
  • Real-Time Data Display: The integrated display screen keeps you informed with real-time charging data, including current amperage, charging time, and more, making it easy to monitor your vehicle’s charging status.
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Versatile Installation and Compatibility:
Step into the future with the Primecom 50 Amp Level 2 Adjustable EV Charger, designed to integrate seamlessly with your home's power sources. Whether you're tapping into an oven outlet or setting up a dedicated spot in your garage, this charger's flexibility is unmatched. Offering various end plug adapters and extension cords, it ensures that compatibility and convenience are at the forefront of your charging experience. Perfect for personal use or as an Airbnb solution, the Primecom charger simplifies the process, allowing for a straightforward setup that caters to a range of electrical infrastructures. 🏠🔌
Installation Insights:
Preparing for your Primecom charger installation? It's straightforward. To ensure a smooth setup, consider the proximity of your power source to minimize extensive wiring, and remember that all installations should comply with local regulations and industry standards. Planning for the future is also key; opting for an oversized breaker panel and conduits can save you time and money down the line. Ready to transform your space into an EV-friendly zone, the Primecom charger makes it easy to charge at home or provide charging solutions for guests, paving the way for an eco-friendly future. 🛠️💡

Why You Should Buy:

  • Cost-Effective Charging: Tailor your charging to off-peak hours with the delay timer, saving on electricity bills without compromising on convenience.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Whether you need to charge outdoors or require a longer reach to your vehicle, Primecom has you covered with its durable design and extended cord length.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Rest easy knowing your charger is built to the highest safety standards, featuring waterproof protection and intelligent amperage adjustment to protect your EV’s battery.
  • Stay Informed: Never guess your charging status again. With the real-time data display, you’re always in the know, ensuring your vehicle is charged and ready to go.

Optimized Charging for the Eco-Conscious Driver

The Primecom 50 Amp Level 2 Adjustable EV Charger elevates your charging experience to new heights of convenience and efficiency. This state-of-the-art device is not just a charger; it's a statement of eco-friendly innovation and forward-thinking design.

With the capacity to adjust amperage from 50 down to 12 amps, you're in control, able to fine-tune the charging to match your vehicle’s needs and your energy consumption goals. The longer cord options provide unrivaled flexibility, making it easy to reach your vehicle no matter where you park. But convenience doesn't stop at the physical design; the intelligent chip within automates amperage adjustments, ensuring optimal charging without manual intervention.

For those with an eye on sustainability, the Primecom Charger is a game-changer. The delay timer up to 15 hours allows you to schedule charging sessions during off-peak hours, reducing strain on the grid and potentially lowering your energy costs. And, when it comes to durability, this charger is unmatched. It's crafted to endure, with a waterproof IP56 rating, meaning it's not just an appliance but a long-term investment in your eco-friendly lifestyle.

50 Amp Level 2 Adjustable EV Charger

Advanced Safety Features:

Charge with confidence knowing the Primecom 50 Amp Level-2 Wall EV Charger is engineered with your safety in mind. Packed with essential safety measures, this charger is your reliable partner in EV charging.

  • Overheat Protection: Designed to detect and prevent high temperature levels, ensuring the charger operates safely at all times.
  • Overvoltage Protection: Guards your EV against unexpected surges in voltage, maintaining the stability and integrity of your vehicle's battery.
  • Overcurrent Protection: Monitors the current's flow, preventing excessive electricity from damaging your EV or the charger itself.
  • Leakage Protection: Ensures no current leakage occurs, keeping you and your vehicle safe from potential electric hazards.
  • Flame Resistance: Built with flame-resistant materials, this charger is equipped to withstand high temperatures without compromising safety.
  • Waterproof IP56 Rating: With its waterproof design, the charger is protected against harsh weather, making it suitable for outdoor installation.

Equipped with a comprehensive protection system, the Primecom 50 Amp Level-2 Wall EV Charger delivers not just performance but also peace of mind. Whether you’re charging overnight or topping up during the day, these features work tirelessly to provide a secure charging environment for you and your electric vehicle. 🛡️⚡🌧️

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