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Revolutionizing EV Charging: Primecom.Tech 80 Amp EV Chargers

Revolutionizing EV Charging: Primecom.Tech 80 Amp EV Chargers

Revolutionizing EV Charging: Primecom.Tech 80 Amp EV Chargers

In the realm of electric vehicles, charging speed and efficiency reign supreme. Primecom.Tech emerges as a pioneer, offering 80 amp EV chargers that redefine the charging experience.

Setting a New Standard

Traditional charging methods often fall short, leaving EV owners grappling with prolonged charging times. Enter Primecom.Tech, the vanguard of high-speed charging. With 80 amp EV chargers starting at just $1,199, they're not only cost-effective but also deliver unparalleled performance.

Remarkable Cord Lengths

Primecom.Tech stands out not just for speed and efficiency but also for its incredibly versatile cord lengths. Unlike many competitors, Primecom.Tech offers charging cords up to an impressive 50 feet in length. This extended reach provides unparalleled convenience, enabling users to charge their EVs from greater distances without compromising on charging speed or safety.

Unrivaled Speed and Flexibility

Primecom.Tech targets discerning EV owners with high-capacity batteries, catering specifically to vehicles like Lucid Air, Ford Lightning EV, Ford Transit EV, Porsche Taycan EV, and Tesla models. These chargers facilitate lightning-fast charging, addressing the perpetual concern of range anxiety. Compared to standard level 1 chargers, Primecom.Tech's 80 amp charger boasts a staggering 20x faster charging speed.

Customized Charging Experience

Flexibility is key, and Primecom.Tech delivers. Their 80 amp EV chargers offer adjustable amperage settings, allowing users to tailor the charging process to their needs. Whether it's maximizing speed or optimizing energy consumption, these chargers empower users with control.

Efficiency Redefined

The quest for efficiency doesn't stop at speed. Primecom.Tech integrates a delay timer feature, enabling users to leverage discounted electricity rates during off-peak hours. This not only saves money but also promotes energy efficiency while reducing strain on the power grid.

Empowering Control at Your Fingertips

Real-time data monitoring is the name of the game. The chargers come equipped with a data screen displaying vital information like charging amperage, voltage, kilowatt consumption, temperature, and more. Additionally, seamless integration with a smartphone app gives users unparalleled control, allowing remote monitoring and scheduling of charging sessions.

Safety First

Primecom.Tech's commitment to safety is unwavering. Their chargers undergo rigorous testing and hold certifications from reputable bodies like TÜV, CE, and UL. The use of pure copper cable ensures reliability and safety, mitigating issues like voltage drop and excessive heat.

Leading the Charge

In a market where 80 amp EV chargers are scarce, Primecom.Tech stands as a beacon of innovation. Their dedication to pushing boundaries and addressing the evolving needs of EV owners positions them at the forefront of the industry.


Primecom.Tech's 80 amp EV chargers aren't just products; they're catalysts for revolutionizing the EV charging landscape. With unparalleled speed, flexibility, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to safety, these chargers mark a paradigm shift in the way we power our electric vehicles.

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