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Research has shown that electric vehicles on the USA roads are increasing, and it's not slowing down. Charging EVs with electric vehicle charger has reduced gas emissions, which were the main cause of pollution. Also, for every mile driven, the average cost to drive a gasoline car is less than that of electric vehicles. By using PrimecomTech energy-efficient and certified electric car charger will prove beneficial for the environment and is cost-effective.

All of the electric chargers that you found at PrimecomTech meets the highest manufacturing standards. The savings in the energy costs would grow to more than $17 million. This leads to reducing 280 million pounds gas emissions.

What Type Of Electric Vehicle Charger Is Best For You?

The answer to this important question depends on 2 factors, which are:

  1. The total miles you drive every day
  2. What type of electric car you possess, a fully electric car or a plug-in Hybrid?

Electric Vehicle Charger for short mileage and plug-in hybrid cars

If your total driving mileage is less than 40 miles per day, or if you own a hybrid vehicle, then a charger that plugs into a standard wall outlet of 120 volts is best. These chargers provide 2 to 5 hours of driving range for every hour of charging. Also, these chargers are known to be convenient and economical. On the other side, it has a limited output, and the charging process is too slow. These chargers are called Level 1 EV Chargers.

For longer mileage and fully electric cars

If your total driving mileage is more than 40 miles per day, and you own a fully electric vehicle, then a 240-volt charger is best. These chargers are big in size and require professional installation. It provides 10 to 20 miles of charging range per hour of charging. These chargers are called Level 2 Chargers.

EV Charger Average Per Hour Charging Rate

Level 1

  1. It can plug into a standard outlet of 120 volt
  2. 2 to 5 miles of range

Level 2

  1. it needs a heavy-duty electrical circuit and plugs into a 240-volt outlet
  2. 10 to 20 miles of range

Moreover, when you use our charger, you get a lot of energy savings, safety, convenience, and advanced technology.

Energy Savings

EV chargers 85% of the time are in standby mode, which means they are not actively charging the car. PrimecomTech provides certified chargers with quality functioning and uses 40% less energy in standby mode. This, in turn, reduces the overall impact on the environment. 

Greater Efficiency 

When you are choosing the stage of EV chargers, it is important to note that Level 2 chargers offer a higher level of energy efficiency and faster charging time than Level 1 chargers. On average, Level 2 chargers are 10% more efficient than level 1 chargers. It also adds four times more miles per hour of charging.


You will find several companies that provide EV chargers for sale, but not all of them are certified. So, to make sure that your charger meets all safety standards, you need to choose the one with certified labels. Our chargers are tested for safety, which means they are safe to use.

Smart Technology

Some of the PrimecomTech EV charger models are connected, which are known as networked. This allows for remote power monitoring and keeps control of the charging state of the connected vehicle. Also, this smart power facility allows the commercial sector to contribute to energy bill savings, leading to lower electric utility bills.

Why You Should Use PrimecomTech EV Chargers?

Electric vehicle charger owners have the advantage of getting their car charge overnight either in the driveway, garage, or anyplace else they have parked their car. Even if they cannot do overnight charging, they can charge at their workplace or use public charging.

Moreover, if you are thinking of purchasing a new EV, then you will be offered a 120-volt charger as a part of the purchase or lease. However, you get to experience a lot of benefits when you upgrade to a 240-volt charger. This includes faster charging times, which is essential to longer-range EVs overnight. So when you are purchasing an electric vehicle, you can ask the dealer and confirm whether they sell certified EV chargers.

At PrimecomTech, you will have a great range of premium EV chargers at market competitive prices. When you buy from us, you are assured of getting an EV charger that meets all industry safety standards. Otherwise, you are risking buying a non-safety certified charger. To make it worse, most products sold by retailers have a false safety certification.

Further, we also have a team of licensed electrician that can evaluate whether your home wiring, electrical outlets, and other components can properly support the EV charging requirements. Furthermore, PrimecomTech offers a complete EV Charging system installation & integration. Depending on the current infrastructure in place, we offer:

  1. NEMA 220V Outlet Installation
  2. 8 / 10 / 12 Gauge 220V Electric Cable Installation 
  3. Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

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So, switch to green power to charge your car. Buy our product and eliminate carbon emissions from your tailpipe and electricity generation. So, you will also be contributing to keeping the environment safe.

For more information, you can call us at +1 408 598 3300 or send us an email at sales@PrimecomTech. Our customer support team will ensure to provide you a quick response, and no queries will be left unanswered.

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