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PrimecomTech provides a fast charging solution by offering its valuable customer premium Tesla charger at reasonable prices. 

This charger is a 480-volt direct fast-charging technology that is built using cutting-edge hardware technology that is safe, convenient, and provides a user-friendly experience. It allows you to charge any model UMC TESLA EVs with a Standard EV Charger that is available almost everywhere, like outdoor pay charging stations. 

Advantages Of Buying Tesla Charger

  1. This adapter is manufactured using heat-resistant, insulating material and internal connections of solid metal.
  2. It has a built-in thermal fuse that stops charging when the temperature gets 100 ℃.
  3. The maximum charging power it uses is 135 kilowatts.
  4. There is an anti-corrosion coating on the metal connectors which is inside the adapter. It will not cause overheating during charging.
  5. There is an automatic locking in the adapter. When you have to disconnect the connector from the charging station, you need to unblock the port, remove the adapter from the car, and after that, disconnect the connector.
  6. The shape of the adapter is such that it is less noticeable, and it does not reduce the charging speed. So you can charge the car at full station power.

How To Use Tesla Adapter?

The adapter one side is inserted into the charging port of the car, and the other side is connected to the connector of the Tesla supercharger charging station. After that, it is ready to charge the car.

Why Charge Your Car with PrimecomTech Tesla?

We Are Reliable

PrimecomTech has a proven track record of providing reliable service and quality products that last longer.

We Are Convenient

We have developed a reliable relationship with our 2000+ customers. It is by providing a good customer service experience.

We Are Fast

With a Tesla charger, you can charge faster and drive farther.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An EV? 

This is actually one of the most complicated questions that it seems, and this poses a challenge for the auto industry. Electric vehicles have different battery sizes, and so they charge at various speeds. The same vehicle battery that gets charge at different charging locations will experience a widely varying charging time.

The maximum power output of the charging station and the maximum power intake of your EV depends on the charging level you use. So there are chargers of 3 levels:

1) Level 1 (120 volt) charging

2) Level 2 (240 volt) charging

3) Level 3 (480 volt) Supercharging or DC fast charging

Why Level 2 Is Best for Charging?

Level 2 chargers with 240 volts offer a bigger pipeline that allows the smooth flow of electricity in your Tesla. This charger can charge 15 times faster than a Level 1 charger.

Moreover, the below mentioned points are true, then the Level 2 charger is for you. These are:

  1. Don’t want to just rely on heavily supercharging stations.
  2. Your electricity rates are lower when using at night time.
  3. You need a self-charging upgrade
  4. Get to enjoy the long hours of driving of Tesla

What Determines The Speed Of Tesla Level 2 Charging?

Maximum power output 

As mentioned earlier, different chargers pull the different amounts of electric currents through the 240-volt outlet. With more current comes more power and charge faster. So Level 2 chargers produce anywhere between 3.3 – 17.2 kW of power. This enables 10-52 miles of range per hour charging.

Maximum power intake 

The average power intake lies between 17.2 kW or 11.5 kW as it depends on the type variant you own. Those models that have the S variant come with a standard 11.5 kW charging which provides a maximum of 32 miles of range per hour charging. On the other hand, model S variants that have a High AMP charger option can intake power up to 17.2 kW with a maximum of 52 miles of range per hour.

Maximum current capacity of your electrical panel 

The average home electrical panel can mostly withstand the draw of either 100 or 200 amps of electrical current. This allows charging at 17.2 kW of power on a 240-volt outlet. So this requires an electrical panel upgrade to a 400 amp service. Further, you can take expert advice on what level of electric panel you need.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Tesla Charger?

If you are charging at home, then using a Tesla charger to charge your EV is the best. It does not affect your battery with incredible high charging speeds, and take full advantage of the time when the car is parked at night for charging.

Buy Quality Charger From PrimecomTech Now!

For more information, you can call us at +1 408 598 3300 or send us an email at sales@PrimecomTech. PrimecomTech is dedicated to satisfying our customers and to achieve it we offer a 1-year warranty. So, if any issues arise, Primcom.Tech will exchange the damaged unit for a brand new unit!

Moreover, the prices we offer on our products are market competitive, and this means it will be within your budget range. We assure you that it won't exceed your budget limit and put a strain on your pocket. Also, PrimecomTech designs its own SMART chargers electronic circuitry-intelligent Chip and software here in the USA. This is something different from other chargers, which dump all the current at once

If you are not happy with your EV Charger, then send it back for a full refund! You get not only free shipping but also a risk free shopping experience! Also, we are not satisfied until you are, and we are here to help you 24/7.

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