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Finding the Fastest Charging Stations For My EV

If you’d like to know the total time to charge an electric vehicle from empty, use our EVSE Selector Tool, which will not only give our top recommendations for a charging station, it will also give the total time to charge from empty based on acceptance rate and battery size.

You can also figure this out manually. Electric vehicle charging times depend on a couple of factors:

Battery Size:Which EV is being charged? Electric vehicles are equipped with various battery pack sizes which determine the amount of energy stored in the vehicle.

Power of Station and Acceptance Rate: Electric vehicles have a variety of power acceptance rates and charging stations have various max power delivery ratings. If the EVSE offers less power than the vehicle’s maximum acceptance rate, the EVSE is the limiting factor in charge time. If the vehicle’s acceptance rate is lower than the EVSE’s maximum output rate, the vehicle is the limiting factor.

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