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Airbnb EV Charging Solution 32 Amp Smart EV Wall Charging Station

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  • 6X FASTER CHARGE: Delivers up to 33 miles of range per hour, significantly reducing charging time for your guests.
  • AIRBNB READY: Enhance your property’s appeal with a high-tech amenity that attracts eco-conscious travelers.
  • DATA INSIGHTS: Real-time display screen for monitoring vital charging statistics, ensuring optimal usage.
  • INTELLIGENT CHARGING: Features intelligent chip technology for automatic amperage adjustment, improving efficiency.
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED: Equipped with multiple safety certifications and features, offering complete peace of mind.
  • US-BASED SUPPORT: Backed by a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support from our California team.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY TRAVEL: Ideal for hosts aiming to provide sustainable travel options, adding value to your Airbnb listing.
    32 Amp Smart EV Wall Charging Station

    6X Faster Charging for Seamless Travel

    Supercharge your Airbnb property with PRIMECOM's Level 2 chargers, boasting 32Amp and 40Amp models that operate between 100V and 240V. Delight your guests with charging speeds up to 6 times faster than standard Level 1 110V chargers. The 32Amp model delivers 7.2kw/hour, providing 26 miles of range per hour, while the 40Amp model offers 9.6kw/hour, giving 33 miles of range per hour. Say goodbye to lengthy charging stops, allowing your guests to explore more and wait less.

    Elevate Your Airbnb with Cutting-Edge Charging

    Transform your Airbnb property into a haven for eco-conscious travelers with PRIMECOM's advanced Level 2 EV chargers. Crafted to enhance the experience for hosts and guests alike, our chargers bring exceptional amenities to your property.

    • Enhanced Features: Catering to both eco-conscious travelers and hosts valuing exceptional amenities.
    • Differentiating Factor: Set your property apart with cutting-edge EV charging technology.
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    🔋 6X FASTER CHARGING — PRIMECOM Level 2 chargers feature 32Amp & 40Amp models working within a range of 100V - 240V. Thus providing 6 Times Faster than your manufacturer provided Level 1 110v charger! The 32Amp model charges at 7.2kw/hour giving 26 miles of range per hour! The 40Amp model charges at 9.6kw/hour giving you 33 miles of range per hour! Your Airbnb guests can spend more time exploring and less time waiting for their EVs to power up.

    🏠ELEVATE YOUR AIRBNB: Plug into Our EV Charger - When it comes to offering a cutting-edge charging solution for your Airbnb guests, Primecom takes the lead with our advanced Level 2 EV chargers. Crafted to cater to both eco-conscious travelers and hosts who value exceptional amenities, our EV chargers offer a range of features that will set your property apart.

    📟 DISPLAY SCREEN — Our charger features a real time data screen that displays relevant information such as, real-time charging Amperage, actual charging Voltage, total kilowatt consumption, current temperature, and other informative data values. With clarity at their fingertips, your Airbnb guests can monitor their EV's charging progress and make informed travel decisions.
    📱 INTELLIGENT CHIP — Intelligent chip automatically adjusts amperage by communicating with EV's computer to SAFELY supply the requested amperage.

    ⚙️ SAFE AND SECURE — Primecom Level 2 Chargers have passed multi-point rigorous tests to ensure quality and safety measures. TÜV German Equipment and Product Safety Certification, CE️ certifications, UL️ Listed Cable Certifications, along with 12 other built in safety features.

    ☎️ UNITED STATES SELLER — 12-month warranty and life-time hassle-free technical support. THERE MAY BE SIMILAR CHARGERS ON AMAZON, what distinguishes PRIMECOM is a California Company. Our products are desing here in California. You can reach us at Phone 1-408-215-2023. We are not satisfied until you are, and we are here to help you 24/7.
    32 Amp Smart EV Wall Charging Station

    Real-Time Monitoring with Display Screen

    Empower your guests with real-time data at their fingertips. The charger's display screen provides essential information such as charging amperage, voltage, kilowatt consumption, temperature, and more. Guests can monitor their EV's charging progress, ensuring informed travel decisions.

    Intelligent Charging with Advanced Chip Technology

    Our chargers come equipped with an intelligent chip that communicates with the EV's computer, ensuring safe and efficient charging. The amperage is automatically adjusted to meet the EV's requirements, providing a hassle-free and secure charging experience.


    Safety First with Primecom Level 2 Chargers

    Prioritize safety and quality with PRIMECOM Level 2 Chargers, which have undergone multi-point rigorous tests to meet the highest standards.

    • Certifications: TÜV German Equipment and Product Safety, CE certifications, UL Listed Cable Certifications.
    • Built-in Safety Features: Featuring 12 safety measures for a secure charging experience.
    32 Amp Smart EV Wall Charging Station

    United States Seller with Excellent Support

    Choose PRIMECOM with confidence, knowing you're dealing with a California-based company. Benefit from a 12-month warranty and lifetime hassle-free technical support. While there may be similar chargers on Amazon, what sets PRIMECOM apart is our California design and continuous commitment to customer satisfaction.

    • 24/7 Customer Support: Reach us at or call 1-408-215-2023.
    • California Design: Our products are designed in California, reflecting innovation and quality.

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