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Primecom Level-2 32A Adjustable EV Charger, Type-2 IEC 62196, 10M, 220V

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Charge smarter and safer with Primecom—where technology meets reliability.

  • Model & Specs: Primecom Level-2, 32A, Adjustable, Type-2 IEC 62196, 10M Cable, 220V.
  • Certifications: TÜV German Equipment & Product Safety, CE️, UL️ Listed Cable. Includes 12 safety features such as overvoltage, overheat, and overcurrent protection, with UL94V-0 flame resistance and IP55 waterproof rating.
  • Intelligent Charging: Integrated smart chip automatically adjusts to your EV's required amperage. Features LED charge status indicators.
  • Delay Timer Function: Programmable up to 9 hours in 1-hour increments to leverage lower electricity rates.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all EV brands, designed for safe outdoor use.

Primecom Level-2 32A Adjustable EV Charger, Type-2 IEC 62196, 10M, 220V

Charge your electric vehicle with confidence using the Primecom Level-2 32A Adjustable EV Charger. Designed for versatility and built to the highest standards of safety and efficiency, this charger is an essential accessory for any EV owner seeking a reliable, fast, and secure charging solution.

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Safety is paramount when it comes to charging your electric vehicle. The Primecom Level-2 Charger has undergone extensive testing and has achieved multiple certifications, ensuring it meets rigorous global safety standards. It boasts the prestigious TÜV German Equipment & Product Safety Certification and CE️ certification, ensuring compliance with European standards. Additionally, it features a UL️ Listed Cable, providing extra assurance in its fire and electrical safety capabilities.

The charger includes 12 built-in safety features that protect against a range of hazards, including:

Lightning-proof protection
Leakage protection
Overcurrent protection
It also has a UL94V-0 rating for flame resistance and an IP55 rating for waterproofing, making it suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.
Intelligent Charging Technology

At the heart of the Primecom Level-2 Charger

is a state-of-the-art intelligent chip that automatically adjusts the charging amperage to match the specific needs of your electric vehicle. This smart technology ensures that your car charges at the optimal speed, enhancing battery life and efficiency. The control box, equipped with LED charge status indicators, allows you to monitor the charging process easily, providing clear and immediate feedback on the status of your charge.

Flexible and Convenient Charging Options

The Primecom charger is not only smart but also incredibly user-friendly. It features a delay timer that can be set up to 9 hours in advance, in 1-hour increments. This function allows you to take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours, helping you save on charging costs. Whether you're charging overnight or just topping off during the day, you can set the timer to start charging at the most convenient and cost-effective time for you.


Robust and User-Friendly Design

This charger is designed with the user in mind. It features a generous 10-meter cable, providing ample length to reach from your power outlet to your vehicle, regardless of how you’ve parked. The cable is thick, durable, and coated with a weather-resistant sheath that protects against physical damage and environmental conditions.


Universal Compatibility

The Primecom Level-2 Charger is equipped with a Type-2 IEC 62196 plug, which is widely used across various electric vehicle brands in Europe and other regions. This means you can charge any compatible EV, whether it's a compact car, an SUV, or even a luxury electric vehicle. Its universal compatibility ensures that you can use it at home, at work, or while traveling, without worrying about connector types.

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