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4 Benefits Of Having Your Own At-Home EV Charging Station

4 Benefits Of Having Your Own At-Home EV Charging Station

Waiting in line for a car charging station to open up and then waiting while your car charges can be an inconvenience of the past with an at-home EV (electric vehicle) charging station. They are convenient, can save you money, are better for your car battery, and can increase the value of your property! 

ev charger at home


At home EV chargers allow you to charge your electric vehicle whenever you need to. No more driving around on a low battery trying to find a charging station that doesn’t have a line or isn’t out of order. Now you can plug it in when you get home from work, let it charge through the night, and be ready to go the next morning. 

saving money



Save Money

Charging at home means not having to pay extra to cover the overhead at normal charging stations. You can also take advantage of charging overnight or on the weekends when electricity is cheaper. Save even more money by finding electric plans and tariffs targeted at electric vehicles. Or, go all-natural and charge with solar panels. It’s better for your wallet and the environment!

ev battery


Better Battery Health

Faster isn’t always better. Home chargers fill up your car slower than public charging stations, reducing the risk of overheating and diminishing battery life. Plus, you won’t notice the slow charge at home where you can occupy your time compared to waiting around at a charging station.

Lady at home with EV car


Increased Property Value

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, raising the chances that the next family to buy your house will pay a little more for an at-home EV charger. This unique asset could also help rent or sell your place faster as individuals jump at the chance to have a car charger at home.

Charging an electric vehicle isn’t always the most convenient. It can be slow, costly, and diminishes the life of your car battery. With an at-home EV charger, you can have your cake and eat it too by trading these inconvenient aspects for ones that improve your quality of life with your electric car. Find your perfect home charger today at Primecom.tech.
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