Powerful 50Amp 11KW or 80Amp 22 KW Level 2 EV Charger up to 30 Feet Cord Lengths — PRIMECOMTECH
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Primecom 50 or 80 Amp Level 2 EV Charger - 50 Feet Cord Lengths

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Original price $799.00
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Unleash Lightning-Speed Charging

Revolutionize your electric vehicle charging experience with the Primecom 50 or 80 Amp EV Charger, offering lightning-fast performance that ensures your EV is ready for the road up to 20 times faster than standard 110V chargers.

High-Power Options: Choose between 50 Amp 11KW or 80 Amp 22kW models for rapid charging capabilities.

Versatile Charging: Suitable for home, work, or on-the-go, providing unmatched convenience. Save Time and Money with Delay Timer Feature

Maximize efficiency and savings with the delay timer feature of the Primecom 50 or 80 Amp EV Charger. Set a delay of up to 15 hours, taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates and promoting energy efficiency.

  • Delay Timer Function: Schedule charging sessions during discounted hours, reducing costs and minimizing strain on the power grid.

Stay Informed with Real-Time Data Display

Empower yourself with real-time data at a glance using the Primecom 50 or 80 Amp EV Charger's display screen. Monitor essential charging information for informed decisions.

  • Data Screen Features: Real-time charging amperage, voltage, total kilowatt consumption, current temperature, and more.
  • Informed Decisions: Keep track of charging progress and ensure optimal charging conditions.

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Smart and Hassle-Free Charging with Smartphone App Integration

Seamlessly integrate the Primecom 50 or 80 Amp EV Charger with a user-friendly smartphone app. Enjoy hassle-free and intelligent charging with features that put control at your fingertips.

  • Smartphone App: Track, manage, and optimize your EV charging with a simple tap, offering remote monitoring and scheduling.
  • Off-Peak Advantage: Schedule charging sessions to leverage discounted electricity rates and maximize savings.

Customize Your Charging Experience

Tailor your charging preferences with the adjustable amperage feature of the Primecom 50 or 80 Amp EV Charger. Whether you prefer maximum power or a specific amperage setting, the choice is yours.

  • Flexible Amperage Options: Choose from 80, 50, 48, 40, 32, 30, 28, 25, or 12 Amps, optimizing your charging experience.
  • Personalized Charging: Adjust the amperage based on your specific requirements and power availability.

Quality and Safety Assurance

Trust in the quality and safety of the Primecom 50 or 80 Amp EV Charger, designed with rigorous testing and certifications to meet the highest standards.

  • Certifications: TÜV German Equipment & Product Safety, CE certifications, UL Listed Cable Certifications.
  • Built-in Safety Features: Featuring 12 safety measures and a control box with LED charge status indicators.

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