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Where Should You Install Your EV Charger?

Where Should You Install Your EV Charger?

Electric Vehicles are a great new invention with a lot of great benefits for you and the environment, but figuring out where to plug in your EV can cause some confusion. Chargers require a lot of energy and space to charge your car correctly, so you must make sure that you install your charger in the right place for you. Luckily Primecom Tech offers a variety of charging cable options so you can charge your electric car wherever you are. Shop our products and find the perfect home charger today!

Where Should You Install Your EV Charger?


Placing your charger in the garage is the best option for most people. This allows you to have your charger close to where you park and allows it to have enough outlets and energy to work. It also keeps it protected from the elements so you won't have to worry about needing to replace it.

photo of a driveway


An Electric Vehicle chargers can be placed on the side of your house next to your driveway so you can charge while parked. If you don’t want to install an actual station, an outlet can be easily added for a different charger option. If the weather is a concern, install a protective housing or you can always bring your charger inside when not using it.

exterior of an office building


If you own your own business and have an office or building, you can install charging stations or plugs so you or your employees can charge their electric cars while at the office.Additionally, your employees and customers will be appreciative of the fact that you have charging stations available for use and convenience.

Where Should You Install Your EV Charger?

Somewhere With A Strong Connection

Many electric vehicle chargers have a wifi connection capability so they can send messages to your phone to give you charging updates. That is why it is advisable to place your EV charger in a place with a good connection. If you don’t have wifi, make sure that your phone has good enough service to receive updates.

Wherever you decide to put your EV charger, Primecom Tech has electric vehicle chargers with different chord lengths and plug options, and adjustable amperage so you can get the best charger for your vehicle. Shop our chargers and accessories and find the perfect home charger for you!

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