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According to the Edison Electric Institute report, there has been an 81% increase in the purchase of electric vehicles. Also, it indicates that this trend is not slowing down and will continue to grow. However, there is only one thing that can cause a halt in the growth, and that is the lack of EV charger power stations.

Most of the time, drivers are in an anxiety state as they keep on wondering how far they can drive and where they can find the station before their car battery dies in the middle of nowhere.

Many states are encouraging the use of electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions, and making sure there are sufficient charging stations is a real challenge. But not to worry, several companies are facilitating this process by installing commercial charging stations.

With several years of experience, PrimecomTech is a leading manufacturer and is known as a reputable company. We manufacture using cutting-edge hardware technology to make it safe and reliable, at the same time offering consumers a user-friendly charging experience.

Ideal EV Charger Package For Private Homes

At PrimecomTech, we provide a wide range of cost-effective electric vehicle charging solutions. Our chargers are compatible with all types of EV models. They are powered by the latest software and installed by certified professionals.

Provides convenience

With EV chargers, you can enjoy the convenience of charging at home and do not have to rely on public charging stations. Our charging stations are not only safe and easy to use but also provide quick charging every time.

Important Things You Need to Know When Buying a Residential EV Charger

Residential charging stations are one of the convenient ways to charge your EV. Below are some important factors that you need to consider when purchasing an EV charging station.

Location Matters

Although some drivers have garages, while many don’t so, they have to install their home charging stations outdoors. So when buying a charging station, you need to give keen attention to how durable the station is: will it last longer when exposed to sun, wind, and other elements? The PrimecomTech Level 2 charger will. Our chargers are waterproof and durable.

Also, when you are installing your charging station, you need to look for the right location. The PrimecomTech provides greater flexibility over where it can be installed.

Safest charging method

With our certified charging stations, you can charge your car 5 times faster than the regular outlet. So it provides the safest charging method for both your car and home.

Install Commercial Charging Station And Attract EV Drivers

Stand out from the crowd

You can gain a competitive edge by attracting new EV drivers by installing public charging stations. In addition, it offers reliable and easy to use charging experiences.

Grow your business

As the trend of EV accelerates, so do the occupancy rates. Our cost-effective and centered charging management software makes the managing of your charging network smooth.

Experts you can rely on

Our charging solutions are tailored for your businesses, and you also get access to a team of certified installation technicians. So you are in safe hands when you choose PrimecomTech.

Keep Size in Mind

Several electric vehicle charging stations are too bulky and big and also require permanent hardwiring by an electrician. However, with our plug and easy to mount design, it can be installed in the most convenient locations. It can also be unplugged and removed from the wall mount. So, you can take it anywhere you go.

Installation Does not Have to Be Challenging

Nobody likes to spend hours installing a charging station, and most people prefer to hire electricians to install it. However, it needs to be kept in mind that installation costs can vary and they are seperate from the cost of the charger. The PrimecomTech car charger plug-in version is simple to use and install. Moreover, if you need guidance, our experts can also provide you with it when you are installing a charging station. If you need a professional to install it, our EV charger installers are available to provide assistance.

When You Charge it Affects Your Electricity Bill

Electricity rates vary at different times of the day and night. So it relies on the overall usage of the grid. Without any doubt, electric cars require a lot of electricity, so it will cost you more if you charge your car at home during peak hours, and also if all electrical appliances are in use. However, at PrimecomTech, our chargers are energy efficient, which implies that the overall costs will go down and reduce the toll on the power grid.

30 Days Money Back Warranty!

If you are not happy with your EV Charger, you can send it back for a full refund! Here, you not only get free shipping but a risk free shopping experience! 

Life-Time Hassle-Free Technical Support

PrimecomTech provides excellent customer support service, which distinguishes us from our competitors. We are not happy until you are, and we are here to help you 24/7.

Further, we design our SMART chargers electronic circuitry-intelligent Chip & software here in the USA. This is something different than other chargers, which dump all the current at once.

For more information, you can call us at +1 408 598 3300 or send us an email at sales@PrimecomTech. We assure to provide a prompt response. All queries will answered, and doubts to linger.

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